Clean in the air

There’s only a short time in most flights between the pilot saying “We wish you a pleasant stay” and “Welcome aboard” to professionally clean the cabin. We take this on in an accurate and flexible manner, after all a squeaky-clean cabin is the visiting card of any airline.

HEICO Aircraft is the professional partner of many national and international airlines. A reliable partner who also takes over the cleaning of the cockpit and the cockpit windows for flight safety. Other services which belong to the core business are: equipping cabin interiors with onboard materials such as magazines, sanitary articles, cushions and blankets, professional waste disposal, leather cleaning, seat cover changes and special cleaning based on the extended workbench. HEICO provides cleaning services according to IATA-requirement standards or individually agreed services with our customers. Regular and transparent quality controls provide for high satisfaction.

You’ll fly high with our:

  • Aircraft cleaning (transit, daily, night stop and deep cleaning)
  • Aircraft cleaning for continental and inter-continental fleets (wet/dry cleaning)
  • Technical cleaning during maintenance
  • Cockpit window cleaning
  • Equipping of the cabin with on-board material


Gerhard Hinkelmann

HEICO Aircraft CleaningGmbH
General Manager
Phone: 089/9759699 3