Ground Handling Services

Everything according to plan!

Our ground handling services, with the focus on ground handling and aviation ensure a smooth procedure at the airport. We are specialised in the most varied of ground handling tasks, dealing with these in a highly professional way and based on well-rehearsed team work.


  • Passage and Ramp-Services
  • Ticketing, Check-in and Boarding
  • Baggage Service
  • Ramp loading and unloading
  • Pushback-Service and Aircraft de-icing

Dieter Krah

Managing Partner, Serve2fly GmbH

Flexibility is our strength.

"About 250 employees and temporary staff work at the Weeze airport - we work according to the rotating principle, all employees are generalists and can be deployed everywhere. Teamwork and good communication are the most important things for us so our employees can contribute to a the highly skilled airport processes. "


The personnel of our subsidiary Serve2fly, founded in 2005, are deployed at almost all German airports; handling about 2.5 million passengers a year. In the context of ground handling we service up to 45 aircraft a day!

In Weeze, the third largest airport in North Rhine Westphalia, Serve2fly supports all airlines when it comes to ground handling.