Our Jobs

For extraordinary tasks, we need excellent personnel.

We are an owner-run and led family business with many interesting jobs in the most different industries and areas. They all have one thing in common: they are interesting and challenging jobs for which we are looking for personnel with a high independence and responsibility.

Our jobs require excellent german skills ...

Description BU Organisation Started as Location
Sachbearbeiter Facility Management (m/w/d) Teilzeit Immobilien HEICO Technik GmbH Junior Wiesbaden
Assistenz technisches Property Management (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Property Partners GmbH Junior Ratingen
Immobilienbuchhalter (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Property Partners GmbH Senior Wiesbaden
Spezialist Nebenkostenabrechnung (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Property Partners GmbH Senior Wiesbaden/München/Berlin
Sheet Metal Repair Technician (m/f/d) Luftfahrt HEICO Aircraft Maintenance GmbH Senior Leipzig
Property Manager (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Property Partners GmbH Senior Berlin / Wiesbaden
Flugzeugreiniger (m/w/d) Luftfahrt HEICO Aircraft Cleaning GmbH Junior München
Lagerhelfer (m/w/d) Luftfahrt HEICO Aircraft Cleaning GmbH Junior München
Technischer Property Manager (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Property Partners GmbH Senior Berlin / Hamburg
Haustechniker (m/w/d) Wiesbaden Immobilien HEICO Technik GmbH Senior Wiesbaden
Haustechniker (m/w/d) Frankfurt Immobilien HEICO Technik GmbH Senior Frankfurt
Elektromeister (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Technik GmbH Senior Wiesbaden
Haustechniker (m/w/d) Flensburg Immobilien HEICO Technik GmbH Senior Flensburg
Gebäudereiniger (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Service GmbH Junior Wiesbaden
Junior Analyst (m/w/d) Immobilien HEICO Investment Management GmbH Junior Wiesbaden

Real Estate

We maintain and increase the value of real estate with our services. HEICO Property Partners are specialised in commercially used real estate. We manage over 1.2 million square metres real estate space and manage real estate portfolios with a value of over 1.8 billion Euros. This business continues to grow and therefore we are continuously looking for specialists in the areas of property management and facility management who we offer a variety of employment opportunities and a secure working place.

Björn Rieger

Managing Partner,
HEICO Property Partners GmbH

“HEICO Property Partners has always had its headquarters in Wiesbaden – we see this as a competitive business location to the urban area of Frankfurt, in which we are naturally also active: At HEICO, highly interesting employment opportunities offer themselves to you – from supermarkets in the green field to complex commercial real estate, it is all there! By the way, we are placing more emphasis on the employment and development of female experts in key positions.”


We have been expanding our airport services for many years and work for many well-known airlines. Our certified and inspected personnel of HEICO Aircraft Cleaning is responsible for the interior and exterior cleaning of aircraft. The staff of HEICO Aircraft Maintenance ensure the greatest possible safety with complex repairs on the most varied aircraft. This is why we have become a highly sought-after partner in many German locations. An exciting environment for specialists that we offer good salaries and a secure workplace.

Katrin Berlet-Webeck

Managing Partner,
HEICO Aircraft Cleaning GmbH

“HEICO Aircraft Cleaning was founded in 1997 and since then the business areas have continued to grow. All our personnel are entrusted with a very special task to perform: they ensure smooth, professional processes at international transport hubs. Modern technical standards, regular training and competitive salaries are therefore a matter of course for us. I look forward to your application.“

HR Services

As a personnel services provider, PRIMAJOB helps companies, facilities and the public sector in personnel bottlenecks of any type. Our specialists for temporary employment and recruiting work in XX regional offices all over Germany. In our cooperation, our customers above all appreciate that we solve problems successfully, personally and sustainably. Because we have access to a comprehensive and well-managed network and of course we also recommend personnel from abroad.

Detlev Weß

Managing Partner,

“At PRIMAJOB we offer – the name already gives it away – in every respect a prime job! This is reflected in a low turnover in our offices. And the high level of satisfaction of your future work colleagues. Be a part of a team of experts that are equally well appreciated by both by customers and candidates. Because we solve personnel problems individually – and with all our energy.”