Social Commitment

To do more than necessary

We have been involved in social, cultural and sporting activities for many years. This is very important to us - it is how we return part of our success to people who are not always on the sunny side of life. This is a real company concern for us.

The action week "Wiesbaden Engagiert!" gave our employees the opportunity to get involved in charitable projects at the location. The wide variety of actions allowed quite diverse and creative forms of business engagement and offered opportunities for new encounters, experiences and practical tackling. After we have embellished a kindergarten last year, we have been working in an old people's home this year. The action has been a lot of fun for us, and a team of us will definitely be back next year ...

The Wiesbadener Tafel e.V. was founded in January 1999 and is an independent association recognized as a charitable and non-profit organization. The panel is financed on the one hand from membership fees, on the other hand from money and material donations from various donors. We at HEICO are financially supporting the use of refrigerated transports, which pick up the food from confectioneries, large bakeries, groceries, supermarkets, farms, and then bring these goods to the distribution center.

We have supported the "Maseno School for the Deaf" in Africa for many years where around 200 girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 20 years live. There are children full of hope for a better life. The most important prerequisite for this is that you learn the sign language in the boarding school. This enables them to take the basic school examination and then to attend secondary schools. Our cooperation partner, Welthungerhilfe, is one of the largest private aid organizations in Germany. The project has now been completed and we look forward to the next project.

Since 2013, HEICO has been supporting the commitment of the Joblinge Wiesbaden, which are committed to unemployed young people. Goal and concept - Together against youth unemployment! Poor school graduation - no training - no work place - Hartz IV instead of salary. For many young people the path to work life ends before it has begun. JOBLINGE's unique concept, the involvement of numerous stakeholders, provides young people with a realistic opportunity to find a training place and companies to meet their specialist needs. We want to support these young people on their way.

Our commitment to sport is also very important to us. For many years, we were not only the sponsor of the soccer third-party SVWehen-Wiesbaden, but also business partners. With our Facility Management Team of HEICO Technik, we have looked after the complete stadium technology of the soccer third division SVWehen-Wiesbaden. Our services were diverse, we took full responsibility for the entire house technology, the safety systems, the floodlight, the emergency power plants, the heaters, fire alarm systems. In addition, our team from HEICO Service was responsible for many of the infrastructure services in the main building and also for the complete stadium cleaning.