Commitment: We don't support because we have to, we want to.

We not only assume responsibility towards our employees and clients, but are also aware of our responsibility towards society and our environment. That is why we actively support various projects with great passion and dedication. A way for us to share our successes with the people who need our help.

Social Commitment

Environmentally conscious action

Targeted promotion

Katja Diehl-Hagemann

Head of Marketing & Communication, HEICO Holding GmbH

"Sustainability and social commitment are not a current phenomenon for us, but part of our company tradition - we want to give part of our success back to the environment and to those people who are not always on the sunny side of life. This is a real matter of the heart for us.”



Our building cleaning was certified for its quality management early on and we relied on ecologically friendly and raw material-saving cleaning products. In addition, the topic of sustainability is also very important to us in many other areas of the company. In our sustainability report we provide comprehensive information about this as well as other social and economic aspects.


Not forgetting people and their needs, especially here in the region, is important to us. It is our aim to be able to give something back from our success as a company.


We ensure that we remain in constant dialogue with our employees and business partners in order to convey and demand a high standard of sustainability. This includes respect for human rights, ensuring socially acceptable working conditions, ethical behavior in business life and the implementation of environmental standards. In doing so, we are guided by international conventions and standards.


We have been active in local football sponsorship for several years, and we are currently supporting Sporthilfe Wiesbaden eV, which supports children from disadvantaged families in their sporting activities...

Our claim is very high. Good this way.

We work under economic and ethical principles with the aim of maximum efficiency, fairness and sustainability. Customer satisfaction, service quality, value retention and development of the services we offer play just as important a role for the company as the success factors "employee satisfaction and resource optimization" necessary for the development of a company.

equal rights

What is important to us: Ensuring equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees in order to prevent any form of discrimination. In particular, discrimination based on ethnic, national and social origin, gender, religion, ideology, a disability, age or sexual identity is strictly prohibited in our company, is laid down in our guidelines and is known to every employee. This applies in particular to dealings with colleagues, employees and business partners as well as to the hiring, promotion or dismissal of employees.


The promotion of diversity is an integral part of our corporate strategy and anchored in our values ​​and our code of conduct. Equal opportunities for men and women is important to us. We strive for gender balance at all levels. The compatibility of work and family is also particularly important to us. We support you with mobile working, home office and flexible office and working hours. We live diversity, are actively committed to inclusion and create an environment that promotes the individuality of each individual in the interests of the company.

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