The world does not revolve around us, we revolve around the world.

Ecological, social and governance issues have become an integral part of our modern corporate management. Global and national environmental goals must be taken into account, which is why our corporate responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Because only through sustainable action can we make our world a little better and give people trust.

Annual savings (commercial cleaning)!

kg CO2 carbon dioxide
kg of plastic
kg crude oil

We think ahead.

No matter whether, for example, waste avoidance, recycling or energy saving measures, we push and promote all these measures in our company and also sensitize employees and explain them. In addition to these measures, which influence our daily work, the long-term campaigns are also of crucial importance. In addition to our "HEICO Forest", we will therefore promote other campaigns for the environment and nature and make a sustainable commitment to them.


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From today, for tomorrow...

It is important to protect and preserve our environment, for us and for future generations. But not only global warming, environmental damage, deforestation and storms have affected the forests in Germany, but also the bark beetle, which has destroyed entire regions (mainly with fir and spruce) due to the last three very dry years. That's why we decided at the end of last year to do something for nature in addition to our social commitment! When it was decided in our region to plant a healthy mixed forest with more deciduous trees, we took over the costs for the reforestation of a piece of forest. About 1000 trees (hornbeams and oaks) have been planted here. What we are doing now will only really be seen in 20-30 years - our seedlings are only 50-100 cm tall, but we have made a start.

Saving of CO2? We are on!

To reduce environmental performance, we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by using sustainable resources. The HEICO Group strives for climate-neutral behavior in its area, which consists of offsetting unavoidable emissions. With the HEICO Forest project, we are taking a stand against climate change. Trees are planted at the Wiesbaden site to compensate for CO2 emissions. In addition, our sustainable behavior is certified by climate certificates.

Waste? As little as possible!

Sustainable use of raw materials also includes sustainable waste management. We avoid waste or minimize it as far as possible, while unavoidable waste is properly disposed of in accordance with legal requirements. We have implemented paperless work processes in our business processes so that consumption is reduced or avoided. We conduct training courses for our employees on the correct dosing and disposal of chemical agents. In our company, we only purchase drinks with a reusable system. Recycling is also a priority for us - we largely do without composite materials and, in the case of unavoidable waste, attach great importance to the recyclability of the products. Proper waste separation is a matter of course for us.

Always stay clean? Absolutely!

It doesn't matter whether it's for our own objects or for those of our customers: All of the cleaning agents we use are resource-saving from oil, CO2 and plastics. The plastic containers of the selected products consist of 98% recycled plastic (recyclate content). In addition, we only use high-quality Werner & Mertz Professional cleaning products from the brand: TANA green care professional.

Sustainable mobility? set for us!

In the course of sustainable mobility and in the area of ​​transport processing, we have made it our task to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. This includes not only the strengthening of low-emission individual transport and the use of public transport, but also the use of the lowest-emission means for business trips within Germany. The entire fleet is up to date, in compliance with all emission standards and legal regulations. The use of electric vehicles is increasingly being promoted and used after individual consideration of driving performance. The possibility of offering our employees the use of an e-bike as a company bicycle is being planned in order to keep our employees fit and to protect the environment. Whenever possible, business trips are minimized or replaced through the use of audio and video conferencing.

You act like we do, we act with you too!

Of course, we also take all sustainable factors into account when providing services to our customers in order to work as ESG-compliant as possible. This includes energy efficiency, the avoidance of waste and, of course, that we are always familiar with the current specifications and standards and act accordingly. More to come in our sustainability report!