Employee leasing: Flexible solutions in a short time.

Whether unexpected order peaks, regulations during vacation time, parental leave, seasonal peaks or because you need special knowledge and skills for certain projects, one thing is always the same: In the case of personnel bottlenecks, you not only need tailor-made personnel, but above all fast reaction times. With our many years of experience, industry expertise, many contacts and a large pool of qualified employees, we support you quickly, cost-effectively and purposefully.

> years of experience

Rainer Steppich

Managing Director, PRIMAJOB GmbH

“What is important to us: we are not generalists but specialists! Our branches have a clear focus on industries and their specialists. That's why our customers can rely on being in contact with personnel experts who know exactly the respective requirements and special features of the individual industry." You can find more information and current jobs on our PRIMAJOB website.


Timely, effective, personal

Full social security for employees

Flexibility according to order and economic situation

As a specialist for temporary assignments in the leasing of employees, we support companies quickly and purposefully in the event of staff shortages. After a detailed discussion and acceptance of the order, we promptly suggest suitable candidates who have exactly the qualifications that you need. In this way, you remain flexible at all times and can concentrate fully on your day-to-day business without tying up internal employees with the time-consuming search for personnel. In addition, there is the possibility of taking over the workforce later on - this way you remain flexible and have little effort

  • Flexible adjustment of your employee requirements to the current economic and order situation
  • Fast response times when needed
  • Top staff selected by experts
  • Outsourcing of costly and time-consuming applicant management
  • Noticeable administrative relief
  • Opportunity for permanent employment
  • Full social security for employees
Industry & Crafts

industry and crafts

We will find qualified specialists for you so that your business or company can always work at full capacity: electricians, car painters, locksmiths, technicians, engineers, heating fitters and many more professions.

care and pedagogy

care and pedagogy

We have been successfully supporting hospitals, old people's and nursing homes as well as mobile nursing services with tailor-made staff for years: geriatric nurses, health and nursing workers, curative education nurses, geriatric and nursing assistants, nursing assistants. Thanks to our proven expertise, we also know how and where we can recruit qualified staff for crèches, kindergartens, day care centers and after-school care centers as well as inpatient facilities, despite the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

logistics and transportation

logistics and transportation

So that product chains are not interrupted or work processes come to a standstill, we provide you with very well trained employees or teams: logisticians, production and warehouse employees, plant manufacturers as well as bus and truck drivers.

Great service. Great performance.

For almost 20 years, everything at our subsidiary PRIMAJOB has revolved around good, serious temporary work and the recruitment of qualified specialists, technical assistants and helpers. In order to be able to react quickly to customer inquiries at any time, we maintain 8 regional offices in the important metropolitan areas of Germany. With a focus on industry & crafts, care & education as well as logistics & transport, we are proven industry specialists made up of experienced HR experts. We also have an excellent customer network that has grown over many years and a large pool of service staff. As specialists for targeted recruiting at home and abroad, we also know exactly how and where to find suitable and qualified applicants. In addition, we offer our customers extensive consulting services in personnel development. Our goal: to bring people and companies together that are a perfect match.

We are on …

We have also been a member of the GVP (formerly BAP) for many years. This is the leading interest group, the general association of personnel service providers in Germany. Not least because he is looking for strong allies to make his central message known: temporary work creates employment and integrates into the labor market, temporary work offers perspectives! We see it the same way and are happy to support you.

Proven Quality!

The expert body DQS GmbH (German Society for the Certification of Management Systems) certifies that we are an approved institution under the law on employment promotion (AZAV). The AZAV certification was issued by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor to ensure the quality of integration, further and further training measures for employment promotion. For us, the certification is of great importance, because career counseling, job orientation talks as well as coaching and support on the job are indispensable for the successful placement of personnel. The quality of our work, as an approved institution under the law of the AZAV, is confirmed by the numerous references from former and current PRIMAJOB employees as well as Germany-wide employers from all sectors. And therefore we are proud!