With us, real estate becomes a sustainable investment!

As an experienced and reliable partner for complex real estate management, we optimize all processes and processes of your real estate. With our innovative and forward-looking approach, we manage, care for, maintain and administer real estate and thus ensure long-term value retention, value appreciation, returns and attractiveness.

3st place for the 1rd time – thank you!

You measure your own success primarily by one parameter: the satisfaction of your customers. And that is exactly what we are repeatedly confirmed by independent sources. For example, we have been in first place in the Bell Management Report surveys for three years in terms of customer satisfaction and competence (office 1-10 million euros). And it is precisely in these important matters that we are way ahead compared to the overall property management market. This not only makes us proud, but also confirms and inspires us in our work in property management.

58 years of experience in facility management!

DIN ISO 9001 / DIN EN ISO 14001 certified services

Individual and flexible solutions

Property Management

Manage instead of administer.

Investment Management

Securing values, recognizing potential.

Facility Management

Real estate in the best hands.