Sustainable and efficient real estate management - indispensable for the future.

The sustainability factor is playing an increasingly important role, especially in the real estate sector: tenants nowadays expect high-quality, modern, efficient buildings and landlords have to live up to this claim. By including ESG factors, we ensure that our customers receive more secure rental income and maintain or increase the value of real estate. To this end, we support our customers with ESG-compliant property management and thus ensure efficient property management. We have extensive specialist knowledge, experienced experts, reliable partners and digitization solutions through the use of innovative software and hardware.

Our Aspiration

Ecological, social and governance factors have also become indispensable in modern property management. As a result, corporate responsibility for ESG is increasingly coming into focus. Here we support our customers in achieving their goals in a targeted and structured manner.

Your advantage!

By integrating ESG factors into real estate, we ensure satisfied tenants and secure rental income. A modern property that meets ESG requirements does not lose value, or at least decreases in value

We are ECORE Solution Partners!

ECORE is an initiative promoted by Bell Management Consultants and currently over 100 of the largest real estate investors, project developers and financial institutions in Germany. With the ECORE scoring, a standard was developed that makes sustainability in real estate portfolios transparent, measurable and comparable. We have joined the circle of ECORE Solution Partners in order to develop implementation solutions for ECORE Asset Partners and other clients in a joint exchange with other market participants that will help to achieve CO2 neutrality in real estate portfolios by 2030/2045. The group of Solution Partners currently consists of around 30 companies from different service areas. We look forward to cooperation!


We advise in many areas: This involves building materials, technology (heating / air conditioning / ventilation, water treatment, etc.), the number of tenants, their media consumption (electricity / gas / heating oil / water), exhaust emissions (CO2 emissions) as an equivalent on consumption and waste quantities. If desired, this data can be recorded in a property profile, from which an annual report for the property can be generated as a sustainability report.

  • Recording of all media counters in a suitable system
  • Regular reading and recording of the associated meter values
  • Evaluation of consumption data
  • Implementation of benchmarking (if possible)
  • Pronouncement of recommendations for measures to reduce consumption values
  • Recording and listing of the measures implemented to increase sustainability
  • etc.


The integration of social aspects into the considerations for the administration of an object is often less obvious. But here, too, we offer you approaches for optimization. For example, charging stations for electric cars or parking spaces for employees' bicycles can be integrated into traffic areas, recreation areas, to support your campaigns for occupational health and safety of your employees. With our department for home staging / office staging, we offer concrete implementation approaches for these usage extensions.


As a service partner to many institutional investors and their capital management companies, we are very familiar with the implementation of national legal and ethical standards. Wherever possible, we also support the acquisition of tenants who, of course, comply with the governance standards of the asset managers (e.g. by querying blacklists). Our actions are always influenced by the ESG regulations of our clients, which we implement together consistently and in partnership.

Are you planning to save CO2? We can help!

Together with our partner Westbridge Advisory, we have managed to save around 2 tons of CO2200 for natural gas consumption and around 2 tons of CO2300 for electricity consumption for a portfolio of seven office properties by switching to CO2-neutral electricity/gas consumption. The new contract will save considerable energy costs over the next three years with the help of the HEICO ESG phase plan! That's something to be proud of ... And we can also help you to save costs!

Our approach, your advantages:

With our structured way of working, strictly in accordance with the guidelines and respective product specifications, we are able to implement important steps in our HEICO ESG phase plan in the short, medium and long term for our customers towards ESG-compliant property management. First we analyze all data from the consumption for you, check the existing systems and then recommend measures and possibilities for optimization - and of course we also support you in their implementation.

Products & services – we are happy to advise!

  • System control via thermosph
  • Solar systems for the roof or parking lot (Greencells)
  • Charging stations in parking lots
  • HKLS projects for plant renewal or efficiency increase
  • Fill out scoring forms as an Ecore Solution Partner
  • Measures against heat input into the building
  • Help with funding applications for ESG measures
  • Implementation of water saving measures (flow limitations, non-contact fittings, etc.)
  • Implementation of power saving measures (LED; motion detector, Emax, etc.)

What applies to our customers also applies to us!

In our own actions and also in our own use of our office properties, we consider ESG factors and make them transparent. Of course, we also pay attention to energy efficiency, avoid waste wherever possible and train our employees to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. We are also involved in many sustainable projects.