Personally. Efficient. Professional.

With our experienced and qualified teams, we have been successfully pursuing one goal for over 20 years: not only to administer real estate, but to manage it. This is the only way we can meet our high standards of offering our customers the best service.

Tenant management & tenant support

Accounting / Bookkeeping

invoice for additional costs

Complaint management

insurance management

Contract Management

Technical Property Management

In real estate management, technical issues are of particular importance. With our proven expertise and experienced specialists for all technical topics and tasks, we can offer our customers real added value.

ESG / Sustainability

Today, the focus is on issues such as the environment, ecology, efficiency, social issues and responsible corporate management, which also takes the interests of the tenants into account. Because today they expect high-quality, modern and efficient buildings. Only the interaction of these ESG factors ensures satisfied tenants, secure rental income and the value of your property or an increase in value.