Efficient. customer oriented. Reliable.

As part of technical building management, we are the reliable partner for efficient technical building operation: With professional maintenance, repairs, inspections and maintenance, we ensure smooth and reliable operation of all technical systems.


Inspection: In order to assess and precisely determine the current condition of an object, the regular inspection of the building and the technical…

Incident Management

Disturbance management: Serious disruptions in operating processes and technical systems can have a significant impact on the smooth operation of the building and, in the long term, on the…

damage management

Damage management: In addition to a regulated technical building operation, the regular inventory of prioritized value preservation measures, with the creation of a recommendation for action, is important. Through…

warranty management

Warranty management: The warranty period, which should be contractually regulated, begins as part of the handover of a technical system or its acceptance.…

Technical tenant support

Technical tenant support: In many cases, tenant requests for special services, such as small repairs, furniture assembly, painting work, replacement of electrical appliances, etc. cannot be fulfilled by...

Project Management

Project control: If required, our customers have access to additional and extensive services for the management or control of projects. Included…

Commercial Property Management

With our many years of experience in commercial building management, we can represent you in all matters vis-à-vis third parties, take care of the maintenance of your property and thus increase its profitability in the long term. Our experienced experts regularly think outside the box and identify untapped potential, be it in renting or the use of space. This offers the opportunity for continuous optimization and a long-term increase in the value of your property.

ESG / Sustainability

The demands on real estate are constantly growing. The focus is on issues such as the environment, ecology, efficiency, social issues and responsible corporate management, which also takes the interests of tenants into account. Because today they expect high-quality, modern and efficient buildings. Only the interaction of these ESG factors ensures satisfied tenants, secure rental income and the value of your property or an increase in value.