Inspection: Regular inspections of the building and the technical equipment are essential to assessing and precisely determining the current condition of an object. With an extensive property inspection, our specialists obtain a professional overview in order to be able to derive the necessary consequences and measures. We document the result of such an inspection extensively, always in writing and, in some cases, also with photographs.

Exams: As part of the technical building operation, the prescribed tests (e.g. TÜV, expert tests) must be organized and carried out.

Maintenance: The aim is to keep wear and tear on devices, components and technical equipment as low as possible.

Elimination of defects: Any defects found during inspections, maintenance or tests must be tracked down, delegated or commissioned for elimination and processing. Our maintenance and servicing activities require in addition, comprehensive document management, the creation of (annual) budgets including current reporting on the budget situation (target / actual).