Everything according to the (flight) plan

There is a lot to do before an airplane can take off. The machine has to be serviced, suitcases have to be put on the right belt for baggage handling and passengers want to get from check-in to their seat on the plane as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our ground handling services, with a focus on ground handling and aviation, ensure smooth processes and maximum reliability with experienced and well-coordinated teams.

loading and unloading

The fast loading and unloading of aircraft is essential for smooth operations at the airport - and we ensure that.

Ticketing, check-in and boarding

Check-in: Our teams ensure fast check-in, smooth boarding and are ready to listen to passengers' questions.

Passage and ramp services

In addition, we offer activities in the area of ​​​​passage and ramp services, which our teams perform with all qualifications and safety requirements.

luggage service

Baggage service: We reliably ensure that everything finds its way, from baggage check-in to the aircraft.

pushback service

Pushback service: With their experience and routine, our employees ensure that every plane gets back to its take-off window on time.

aircraft de-icing

At our location in Weeze, we ensure a good flight with our de-icing service – quickly and safely.

Dieter Krah

Managing Director, Serve2fly GmbH

“Alone at the airport in Weeze there are currently around 250 employees and temporary workers. We work according to the rotating principle, so that all employees are generalists and can therefore be deployed anywhere. Teamwork and good communication are the most important things for us to get the job done. Everything goes hand in hand and in this way our employees contribute to smooth and punctual airport operations.”


That's what makes us...

The employees of our subsidiary Serve2005fly, founded in 2, are deployed at many German airports and handle around 2,5 million passengers and around 11.000 departures per year. As part of aircraft handling, we serve up to 45 departures - per day! In Weeze, the third largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia, Serve2fly supports all airlines with the check-in.