First Series of Events on the Theme of AÜG (Temporary Employment Act) Started.

24.10.2016 | HR Services

As one of the first personnel services company PRIMAJOB GmbH started a series of events on the theme of “AÜG reforms in 2017” (Temporary Employment Act) at the end of September. At the “Company Breakfast on the reform of the Employment Act (AÜG)” in Büdingen, PRIMAJOB was very pleased at the number of professional visitors.

Companies from industry and trades, employees of the Job Agency, as well as representatives from educational institutions enjoyed a very informative day. The highly-informative event was led by specialist presenter Christopher Stöcker (PRIMAJOB) and the regional Manager Ina Dassow, making themselves available to the audience for questions at the end. The location for the event was made available by the Job Agency in Büdingen.

The themes included: a limit for temporary employment of 18 months, equal pay for permanent and temporary staff after nine months, no deployment of temporary workers as strike breakers and many more. The participants were provided with comprehensive information and handouts and all questions were fully and expertly answered. Further events are planned: Fulda on 16.11.2016, for the Würzburg area on 17.11., and at the end of November for the Nagold area. Additional dates for the Berlin area are in preparation. 

PRIMAJOB is one of the first personnel services providers to present the theme “AÜG reforms in 2017” (Temporary Employment Act reforms) as an event.