Facility Management

Your object in the best possible hands.

We maintain the value of your real estate. With high-quality cleaning, technical know-how and the view of the big picture. Because your object is your hallmark. As the owner, operator or landlord of property you know: Cleanliness and perfectly-working technical infrastructure is an absolute must! Well cared-for surroundings are simply more appreciated: by tenants, staff or business partners. Our facility management always makes sure that your property is spotless and always functions.

Property Cleaning

So you can shine: our property cleaning.

We offer spotless cleanliness at work and high expertise in property cleaning. We ensure tiptop cleaned areas, prestigious façades, and well-maintained outside areas. This makes a good impression, carries a positive image – and furthermore, maintains the value of your property. Therefore, we offer you an individually agreed and flexible cleaning concept that fits your requirements, wishes and budget.

Peter Eussen

Managing Partner,
HEICO Service GmbH

“Our cleanliness and thoroughness can be seen: also on paper. As we are ISO 9001 certified. That means for us that we always implement our tasks with the highest precision and thoroughness for you. And this for you means: high satisfaction, no complaints, high transparency and understandable, clear costs.”

Quality and Environmental Awareness for us, go hand in hand.

Quality is a tradition at HEICO: Already in 1994, we were the first company in Germany to be awarded the then DIN ISO 9002 certification. Today, we have the highest possible certification for industrial cleaning services. Even our environmental management has the DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. We put great emphasis on quality high value environmentally-friendly products and instruct our staff in fuel-efficient driving. Deployment plans are also optimized with environmental aspects in mind. Everything is clean at ours – and cleanly thought out.

We offer:

  • Regular or target-oriented industrial cleaning
  • Individually agreed, flexible cleaning concepts
  • Glass and façade cleaning
  • Pure and sterile cleaning, also certified
  • Special cleaning – all industries and material
  • Grass and green area care
  • Winter service
  • Continuous cleaning documentation
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management certified

Technical facility management

So that everything runs smoothly for you ...

When you want your daily business to run smoothly, your technical facilities need to be working round the clock. And that is exactly our daily business! We take care the building operations run efficiently, professionally make sure that maintenance of your technical facilities is done, doing repairs, carrying out inspection and maintenance works. HEICO Technik has always been characterised by a high technical consultation expertise and great flexibility.

In action for you:

When we take over an object for you, everything goes according to plan. More precisely, according to the HEICO checklists in which our decade-long experience is reflected: including jointly-documented site visits, creation of snagging lists, maintenance and audit plans as well as cleaning and care plans. We inspect irregularities in building operations, display savings potentials, instruct janitors, reception and security staff making them all familiar with our emergency management. To name just a few examples.

We offer:

  • Building and technical facilities inventory
  • Project management and monitoring – operationally; repair works and development of your property and technical facilities
  • Help desk and an around-the-clock manned emergency call centre
  • Consultation for builders – from construction planning to execution
  • Creation of maintenance plans
  • Inspection with the most modern devices
  • Energy and consumption usage monitoring to detect savings potential

Christopher Burkhart

Managing Direktor, HEICO Technik GmbH

Very good personnel for very good results.

"Jobs in an object can be quite various. We will only entrust you with staff who always contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere on site: janitors, technicians, engineers, cleaning staff, specialist and service staff. We employ only thoroughly-trained people who take part in regular training. This provides satisfied staff – and satisfied clients. It is no wonder therefore that we have had long years of trust-based, appreciative teamwork with both."

You profit from:

  • Expert, qualified specialist personnel for all areas
  • HEICO’s quality management for continuous optimisation
  • Quality audits and fixed regular meetings
  • Internal meetings with janitors, house technicians, company managers