The best thing that could happen to your real estate.

We maintain and increase the value of your real estate – longstanding know-how, excellent staff and a sight of the big picture. Managing real estate – rather than just administrating.
You’re looking for a specialist that will manage your commercially used real estate and complex office property? Then you know that professional property management is a deciding factor for your success. We are the specialist for commercially used real estate in Germany and manage nationally over 350 objects with a total of over 1,8 million square meters.

Optimisation, increase in value and problem solving.

Profit from our year-long experience in commercial property management: We represent you in all respects with third parties, take care of the maintenance of your property and increase your profitability. Besides the comprehensive rental contracts tasks, service charges and operational costs, we will regularly show you where there is latent potential – be it with renting activities or usage of space. You see: We always have an eye on the optimisation and increase in value of your property!


  • Representation of owners vis-à-vis third parties
  • Monitoring and implementation of rental contract agreements
  • Rapid and precise service charge and operational costs settlements
  • Detection of rental increase potential
  • Reconception and redesign of space
  • Cashflow management
  • Building reserves
  • Conversions, renovations or expansions with our own personnel

Björn Rieger

Managing Partner,
HEICO Property Partners GmbH

Björn Rieger, Managing Partner HEICO Property Partners GmbH

“Others just administrate real estate – we at HEICO manage it. This has been appreciated by our clients for many years. Our strengths: We go about fulfilling your wishes very thoroughly and individually! We perform this with highly motivated and excellently trained staff, professional distribution of tasks – and a tailor-made reporting system.”


  • The specialist for commercially used real estate in Germany
  • More than 100 staff
  • Five branches
  • Extensive experience in management of supermarkets, retail parks and offices
  • Tailor-made reporting in accordance with your requirements
  • 350 objects nationwide
  • Approximately 1,8 million square meters space under management
  • Web-based communication platform
  • Professional accounting with DATEV and GDPdU interfaces

Marcus Effenberger

Key-Account Manager, HEICO Property Partners GmbH

Marcus Effenberger Key-Account Manager Malakoff Passage, Mainz

“Our clients’ feedback is immensely important for us – and what naturally makes us happy is it is always positive. What is really appreciated is that you do not have to dial another number every time you have another task in your object. At HEICO, every client has one central contact who can coordinate specialists for the task at hand. More convenient it could not be for you.”

Our people solve problems: rapidly, flexibly, individually.

Management of property raises a large variety of the most different tasks and challenges. That is why we deploy the best-trained, experienced personnel and a professional team of internal and external experts who will support you all the way.

Rental Management

Rental Management: shops and stores are our business.

We are national rental experts and successfully manage properties for retail, offices and logistics. Our main tasks include: contracts, rentals and representation of our clients vis-à-vis third parties. We also indeed have decades-long experience in location development: We do everything to secure tenant stays for as long as possible. And if it should come to a change of tenants, thanks to our comprehensive network we avoid vacancies. This is how we ensure that your real estate always works efficiently for you.

“For clients, the vacancy rate of a property is a big problem because an object pays off only when it is well rented. We use our experience to avoid leaks in your commercial real estate and to rent out areas almost seamlessly." Carolin Kramer, Letting Manager, HEICO Property Partners GmbH


  • Contract extensions, new rentals
  • Representation against tenants, public officials and insurances
  • Representation of owners during renovation or reconstruction works
  • Organisation of rental measures by third-party agents
  • Proactive vacancy management
  • Consultation of asset managers to increase the value of your objects