Agreement for Airbus A380 Cabin Modification Work

25.02.2020 | Luftfahrt

HEICO Aircraft Maintenance GmbH has entered into a cabin modification agreement for cabin modification work of 9 Airbus A380 aircraft, starting in July 2019 until end of the year 2020. The work and services performed by HEICO covers the cabin modification work on lavatories, galleys and first class suites and Monument Assemblies of the A380 aircraft. 

The contracted worksheets incorporate the disassembly and removal of all first class suites and monument assemblies, as well as the lavatories and the galleys from the aircraft and the transportation into the shop areas where the refurbishment and the rework will be carried out. The refurbishment and rework covers the refreshing of all components by the application of new paint to composite, application of powder coating on decorative trim, application of decorative ultraleather and leather trim, application of decorative laminate trim and application of decorative wood veneer trim.   

Additional to the rework packages, HEICO will incorporate modification work on the first class seats and if necessary any rectification work on the above-mentioned components due to faults found during inspection work. After completion of the modification and refurbishment, the components will be assembled and transferred back to the aircraft cabin for final installation and testing. As an EASA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organization, HEICO will sign off the accomplishment of the work packages by issuing an EASA Form 1.