Education for children and young people

The aim of the PATRIZIA Foundation is to give children and young people access to education so that they can have a better life and a better future. Together with selected local partners, educational infrastructure is being created, and schools, accommodation and hospitals are being built. We at HEICO are delighted to be a partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation this year and to be able to support many projects. Since 1997, for example, several centers in South Africa have been supported. With a focus on education, health and training, the children are given a helping hand, laying the foundation for positive developments. Seven projects are currently being operated in South Africa. Last year we were able to convince ourselves of the committed work in the schools and children's homes. Dirk R. Ebeling and his daughter Angelina Ebeling (owner HEICO Group) were able to visit two children's homes near Cape Town, one in a more rural area and one in the middle of a township. Both are aimed at children aged 3-6, as pre-school education is of particular importance here, as many children do not get enough learning materials and stimulation at home or even in other daycares.

The children come from different (but always poor) backgrounds and yet the parents pay a small school fee. On the one hand, this has a more symbolic character, intended to show parents the value of an apprenticeship and demand their responsibility, on the other hand, they also have the feeling that they have supported their children in their education. And that's important! In the last 20 years, many of the sponsored children have been able to finish high school after the 12th grade, who otherwise might not have graduated from high school or would have dropped out of school earlier. "Love to learn" is the claim and the influx is large. Tabisa (the manager in the Agape children's home) started with 6 children a few years ago and now looks after 85 children with her teachers. However, all centers also offer additional projects, such as gardening courses for parents, education on healthy eating, and offer further education and training for teachers, who can then either work in their own centers or later work in other institutions.

We are pleased to be a partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation with the HEICO Group and to be able to support many projects to support children and young people all over the world.

Image: Tabisa (manager of the Agape children's home), Angelina Ebeling, Dirk-R. Ebeling

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