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A strong partner for clean solutions - Aircraft Cleaning: There is often not much time between takeoff and landing for aircraft cleaning and other services on board. It is therefore essential to have a partner on board at this neuralgic point who can implement all tasks quickly and absolutely reliably, even under time pressure. That is exactly our job and we are very good at it.

Katrin Berlet-Webeck

Managing Director, HEICO Aircraft Cleaning GmbH

“The aircraft cabin is the business card of every airline. Here, the first good impression and the cleanliness down to the last detail decide whether passengers will recommend your airline and book it again – or not. We are a professional partner to numerous national and international airlines and our customers benefit from our many years of expertise.”

Catherine Berlet

Certified quality management DIN ISO 9001:2008

Trained employees according to EU2015/1998 No.

Regular and transparent quality controls


  • Aircraft interior cleaning (transit, daily, night stop and deep cleaning)
  • Aircraft exterior cleaning of the continental and intercontinental fleet (wet/dry cleaning)
  • Special cleaning for VIP and private aircraft (carpet, leather and Alcantara cleaning)
  • Technical cleaning at maintenance events
  • cockpit window cleaning
  • aircraft searches

board equipment

  • Replace used blankets and pillows with fresh ones
  • Fill up with newspapers, magazines, information brochures and security cards
  • Provision and replenishment of the used sanitary material in the aircraft lavatories
  • Professional waste disposal
  • Leather cleaning, seat cover change and special cleaning

Well-trained team players.

In order to be able to fully guarantee the very high requirements in terms of quality, reliability and flexibility at all times, only highly qualified and well-trained employees work in all key positions. And because we know what our dedicated and highly motivated employees achieve, we show them the appreciation they deserve. Therefore, we have a very low staff turnover and are an attractive employer that attracts good specialists. In addition, only real team players work for us, which is particularly important when the numerous tasks have to be completed under time pressure and in compliance with all quality and environmental standards.

Good education. Good training.

So that our employees are always up to their tasks and can also develop further, they are regularly trained and instructed by in-house trainers. Our certified cleaning staff (aircraft cleaners), for example, receive training in the context of the Aviation Security Act/RegL in addition to instruction in the use of cleaning agents and auxiliary materials. A briefing on occupational safety and how to deal with lost property in the aircraft is also a matter of course for us. All employees are checked for their reliability in accordance with Section 7 of the Aviation Security Act. And in order to always ensure the best young people, we train them ourselves - technically high-quality and always with an eye for the big picture.

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Your checklist for excellent work and absolute reliability:

  • Experience in aircraft cleaning since 1997 - also with VIP aircraft
  • Our customers: around 65 satisfied airlines
  • Certified quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2008
  • RegL certification by the Federal Aviation Authority
  • Compliance with all environmental regulations
  • Approval and certification as a regulated supplier for the delivery of in-flight supplies
  • Cleaning services according to IATA specifications or according to individual agreements
  • Specially trained employees according to EU2015/1998 No.
  • High professionalism, quality, flexibility and economy
  • Regular and transparent quality controls