25 years of partnership at eye level!

HEICO Property Partners and CREM SOLUTIONS have been working together as equals for 25 years. With the real estate ERP system iX-Haus from CREM SOLUTIONS, the property management specialists of the HEICO Group have since managed a real estate portfolio, currently 500 properties, of exclusively commercial properties.

In 1999, HEICO Property Partners was looking for a digitalization specialist who could develop a sustainable solution for managing the ever-growing real estate portfolio. Searched, found: Since then, iX-Haus has not only been the central and digital nervous system of real estate management at HEICO, the collaboration has also developed into a trusting, long-term partnership. The ERP system ensures more efficiency, transparency and control in almost all processes through optimal, secure data management and automation.

Björn Rieger, managing partner of HEICO Property Partners GmbH, says: “For us as a specialist in the management of commercial real estate, it is particularly important to treat our customers’ data confidentially as part of our management mandate. iX-Haus gave us optimal support right from the start and we have grown together with CREM SOLUTIONS.”

With iX-Haus, HEICO has been able to provide long-term, efficient property management tailored to customer needs for 25 years. During this time, CREM SOLUTIONS responded to many suggestions for the further development of iX-Haus. Whether regarding program content or reporting requirements, the response was always open and implementation - if technically feasible - was started and completed promptly. Many features that are now used as a matter of course in iX-Haus can be traced back to such joint initiatives.

“We are very pleased that HEICO has been one of our customers for so many years. This is not always common, especially in the software sector. The collaboration with HEICO has always been and is characterized by trust. This is also reflected in the many further developments that HEICO has established and which are now part of the iX-Haus standard. With this type of collaboration on equal terms, a partnership like this is simply immense fun,” says Dr. Christian Westphal, CEO of CREM SOLUTIONS.

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