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HEICO is your source for technology and services in aviation. Our mission: quality, safety and a high technical standard make us a completely professional service provider ...

HEICO - complex processes very well looked after!

Whether in airports or on airplanes, aviation complex processes must be particularly cared for and access services together perfectly. Our philosophy therefore Ground-based on effluent quality, efficiency, safety and a high technical standard. For these are the expectations of our customers on us as service partners.

Whether in ground handling services, aircraft cleaning or technology service provider, we meet the highest demands on the structural and procedural organization and quality management.

Our facts:

  • Since 1997 we have successfully worked in the aircraft cleaning - here we offer since 2013 international clients SEARCH & CLEAN - the professional aircraft cleaning and inspection by specially trained teams - at. 
  • For 15 years, we are also in the aerospace sector, after acquiring the EASA Part-145 approval, active. 
  • With locations in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, we are from all major airports in Germany.