In the year we were founded the world was a different place: orders were not processed and stored in PC´s, they were typed and filed into folders. Staff were not always availible by mobile phone – in our office we only had one fixed line phone. That was in 1966. Today, we are an innovative service provider with 1200 staff. We are excellently networked, with state of the art technology and active in more than 25 locations, from where our customers from the real estate, aviation and personnel recruitment industries are managed.

Dirk-R. Ebeling, Owner: «Success ist the result of tackling challenges. And not giving up.»


16th September 2016

50th Anniversary

We celebrated our 50th company anniversary with over 200 guests at the Jagdschloss Platte. Our company owner Dirk Ebeling thanked the staff present and past in the presence of the management for the long teamwork. He made it very clear that the great success of the HEICO Group stems primarily from the innovation and networking of all company segments and the long deployment of qualified staff from many nations who have repeatedly integrated themselves into the company for over 30 years.

Investment Management 2016

HEICO continues to expand its service portfolio and enters the strategic portfolio management sector with HEICO Investment Management GmbH; experts in strategic portfolio management for the retail, logistics and office sectors.

Technical Aviation Services 2008

HEICO developed HAITEC HEICO Aviation & Technologie AG on the premises of the Hahn airport, an aircraft maintenance company for passenger aircraft. In the large 6,000 square metre maintenance hangars, C-Checks are done on aircraft types Boeing B747 and B757.

HEICO Flugzeugtechnik
Technical Building Management 2001
HEICO Technisches Gebäudemanagement

Since 2001, we offer the full spectrum of technical real estate management services for real estate owners in the asset classes office, retail and logistics.

Aeronautical Engineering 2000

HEICO expanded its aviation sector with aeronautical engineering and earned the ESA-Part-145-approval as an aeronautical engineering business. Shortly after, Ryanair became the first customer in line maintenance.

HEICO Luftfahrtechnik
Property Management 1999
HEICO Property Management

HEICO Property Partners provides its services not only for institutional investors from the BaFin-regulated banking and insurance sector but also for international investors in the asset classes retail, office, logistics and, since 2015, also residential.

Personnel Recruitment Services 1999

We participate in a personnel recruitment company. In 2007 PRIMAJOB was eventually founded, complementing our existing service portfolio.

Aircraft Cleaning 1997
HEICO Flugzeugreinigung

Coming from the industrial cleaning business, the segment aircraft cleaning becomes an independent Ltd. In the early years of this sector VIP business included such names as the aircraft of the Sultan of Brunei and the jets of the Royal Family of Qatar.

Quality Initiative 1994

Already from very early on, HEICO has set high standards of quality. In 1994, HEICO was the first company in the industrial cleaning sector in Germany to be awarded certification for its quality management.

HEICO Qualitätsoffensive
1990 HEICO changes its name
Umbennung in HEICO

From Heidenreich & Co. (the founding name) we became in short HEICO.

Motorsport 1986–2012

HEICO Motorsport GmbH becomes involved in motorsports from 1986 to 2012. Initially, the focus was on historical motorsport, in the early 90s we took over the race service for Porsche and BMW.

HEICO Motorsport
Takeover 1986

1986, Dirk-R. Ebeling, today’s HEICO Group owner, takes over the management. Under his aegis, he sets about implementing the expansion and diversification activities in addition to the industrial cleaning business.

Foundation 1966

The origins of the HEICO Group of companies go back to 1966 when the Heidenreich family founded Raum- und Büropflegeinstitut Heidenreich & Co.

HEICO Gründung