A Look into the Future of Real Estate Products.

14.10.2016 |

HEICO Investment Management Inspiring with Podium Discussion at the EXPO Real. The EXPO Real Specialist Real Estate and Investment Fair for B2B is the biggest of its kind in Europe. HEICO was represented with its own Podium event. On the Tuesday of the fair, the theme occupying the participants was that of the strategically important question “The world of Institutional Funds 2017: which real estate products will be in demand?”. The well-attended event was presented by Oliver Strumpf (HEICO Investment Management).

As for the contents: A continued increase in importance of investment strategies of institutional investors in 2016 also due to interest politics. Demand is increasing for real estate products and that in a market where there is already a continuing shortage of offers for more conservative real estate investors. Because of this, we see a deviation also by rather conservative investors, into value added and niche products with different yield-risk profiles or decisions are made to enter into new countries and real estate markets. This raises an increasingly important question for companies offering real estate and real estate services in the area of institutional real estate investment:  Which real estate products will be in demand by institutional investors in the future? What requirements must be fulfilled by real estate or asset products and what effect will these changes have on the companies in the value creation chain?